Daniel Cunha

Piano works by Alfredo Napoleão

After a long and intense research period, Daniel Cunha presents his first recording of Alfredo Napoleão’s piano works. A selection of colourful pieces from an almost forgotten composer reveals new perspectives on Portuguese romantic piano music.


Fernando & Luis Costa

In their new album Revelação the Costa Brothers dedicate themselves to Portuguese composers of the last century. Discover music by Luiz Costa, Frederico de Freitas and Antonio Pinho Vargas, recorded for the very first time.


Who we are

We record, we publish, we discover unknown fields of classical music and give a platform to aspiring artists to uncover their revelations.


decurio was founded 2018 in Berlin by the recording producers Lukas Kowalski and Benedikt Schröder. All across Europe, the young record label brings together exceptional people with the same aspiration: unique classical music.


The label aims to develop outstanding projects with exciting musical and intercultural concepts. Artists with different backgrounds dedicate themselves to chosen musical focuses, shedding new light on the familiar and bringing the unheard to the listeners by recording unknown works for the very first time. 

In close cooperation with the artists, the record label supervises the productions from the first steps to the release concerts and always attaches importance to the highest technical recording standards and musical performances. Before, whilst and after the recording, we keep our musicians’ backs free so that they can concentrate on the essential: the music.